Frequently Asked Questions

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    Food + Fitness

    “Thoughts on Peleton?”

    We LOVE our Peleton. I especially love that I can hop on it anytime for a quick 20 minute calorie burner, and Zach loves it because he’s a mountain biker.

    Food + Fitness

    “Why should I start taking collagen?”

    So many reasons! It helps with your skin, hair, nails, digestion, joints, weight control etc, etc. Here is a great article I found about the 7 reasons collagen is good for you! You can also just take vitamin C because vitamin C helps your body naturally produce collagen. This is my favorite brand of collagen.

    Food + Fitness

    “What is your go-to breakfast?”

    I do intermittent fasting with the Faster Way to Fat Loss so no breakfast! If I wasn’t doing that it would be 0% Fat Fage Greek Yogurt, berries & bran buds. The fiber + protein will help you stay full and jumpstart your metabolism as your body breaks down the fiber.