Frequently Asked Questions

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    “What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a blog?”

    The best advice I have for someone who wants to start a blog is to just get started. And starting anything new takes work and a lot of it. There are so many tutorials on Pinterest, YouTube & the internet for how to start a blog. If you are willing to type “how to start a blog?” into Google and spend a couple hours on the computer then you will be able to figure it out! For people looking for a trusted source I would direct you toBlog with Me or Blogdoo. Both of those are bloggers who created platforms to train other aspiring bloggers.


    “How do you grow your Instagram?”

    Through time, lots of time. Time spent curating content, engaging with other accounts, researching hashtags, studying analytics to see what people respond to and not getting frustrated along the way.


    “What photo editing apps do you use?”

    My favorite two apps are Lightroom for all of my editing and then Snapseed for when I have certain areas of a photo that need lighting, saturation, etc. I also use Planoly to plan out my content & make sure my feed looks cohesive.


    “How did you get started blogging?”

    Read all about why I started a blog and why I changed to on this post.