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Hey friends! I’m going to try something new on here and do a little Friday life / blog update. I’ve been wanting to do it via my email newsletter but Mailchimp is giving me headaches so I’m going to do it via a post. I feel like there is so much going on with my blog and I just want to keep you guys in the loop as well as get feedback about why you read this blog and what I can do to make it better. If you avidly read my blog, shop from my blog or keep up with my blog then make sure you plan on stopping by every Friday morning.You can see what has been happening around here lately as well as offer your feedback and suggestions! If you’re bad with visiting sites then just make sure to sign up to get posts via email or follow me on bloglovin and you will get the same content that way!


I’m back from a busy week in NYC for NYFW and spending the day getting my affairs in order. Next week I’m planning a big post all about fashion week including why I went, what I did and what changes that means for The Southern Style Guide. If there is anything specific you want to know please email me or comment on this post and let me know!

As far as the weekend goes it’s going to be a busy one! Tonight Katheryn and I will be heading to Charlotte for a party with Diet Coke and a lot of blogger babes & creatives in the Carolinas. I’m equally as excited as I am stressing about what to wear. I think I’m leaning towards these jeans with this top potentially. Or maybe this one. Or this one. I’m just ready for these temps to drop so I can dress in fall clothes without sweating my face off.I’m hoping to stop in to Nordstrom pre-party and maybe doing a little shopping. Make sure to keep up on snapchat (southstyleguide) and maybe you can help me pick out an outfit or two.Then later this weekend I’ll be posting all about Hotel Domestique, a boutique hotelwith a fabulousrestaurant located less than 15 minutes from my house. I haven’t eaten thereyet so I’m pretty excited about it!


If you haven’t visited the blog in awhile make sure you check out this post with my favorite leather jacket for fall and this post talking about the color I’m loving right now. Also, did you see where Scottie’s nursery was featured on Inspired By This? I love their blog and was so honored to have them feature the nursery especially since I decorated it 100% myself which is a pretty big deal considering how particular I am. I have a hard time decorating a lot because I second guess myself and tinker and tinker and never make any decisions. You just don’t even want to know how many times pregnant me moved that rug from in front of the crib to under the chair. It wasn’t pretty.


And speaking of features I also guest posted for my friend Kate on her blog, Dress Your Guests, while she was out for maternity leave. If you live in the Charlotte area or are just looking for a great blog to follow make sure to check out her site and subscribe to her newsletter so that youdon’t miss any of her great content.



One great thing about being a blogger is that I get to work with brands I love and they so graciously extend promo codes to my readers as well! If you saw the rash guards my girls were wearing all summer long they are made by a company calledCabana Life and right now you can save 25% off with code SOUTHSTYLEGUIDE.

rash guards

My favorite skincare company is also giving you a 20% off discount! You can read all aboutTula on this post and if you are interested in buying just enter the codeTSSGfor 20% off anything you want! I would recommend thediscovery kitbecause it will give you sample size products that are big enough to last your for a week or two and I promise you will start seeing results!

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Lastly, I feel like it is my blogger obligation to tell you about how great the new Who What Wear line for Target is. You can shop the collection in stores or online and everything is under $50 with most of the tops being around $25. No kidding! If you saw my instagram post this morning the top I’m wearing is from them and is less than $25!Here are a couple more styles I love and don’t be shocked when you see one or five hitting the pages of this blog soon!