TSSG Weekly Edit No. 54

Happy Saturday! Today’s post will be a quick one but I wanted to make sure that I got to it because there are some great sales happening! So many of my favorite brands includingAnthropologie,Loft ,J.Crew and the new kid on the block,Abercrombie , are having sales!

It took me awhile to get this post written to say the least! I typically wait to write these post Friday am so that I give you the best selection of sales from around the web. Well, I don’t know if they gave the girls speed at preschool or what but they were non-stop from pickup until bedtime last night. Scottie emptied an entire container of Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer on her face along with some of my favorite lip glosses. And not the NYX ones, the Bare Minerals ones. While she was doing that Hayden was outside unrolling one of those art desk paper rolls all the way down the driveway. Like 50 yards of paper rolled out so that she could color on it. But then Scottie caught on and they decided to rip the paper up and chase each other which left me being the one to actually pick up the tiny pieces of paper.

Oh and before that I found Scottie swinging a golf club beside my car while Hayden was trying to color on the golf cart. Scottie also thought it would be funny to pee on herself a little in the car on the way to dinner. Since her undies were the only thing that was wet naturally we threw them away. (Praise the Lord for cheap undies from Target.) I thought I had the problem solved but since she had on a dress she proceeded to pick up her dress over her head no less than 5 times to show strangers her bare booty. I literally could have died. And this was only about an hour of our very long afternoon! Luckily my mom came to town and I high fived her as she walked in the door and retreated to my room to hide in a corner.

Friday might have been a wash discipline-wise but at least Zach and I got away for a much needed date night Thursday! I wore my new peplum top (40% off) to hide the food baby from the catfish dinner I inhaled.

Top (Small, TTS, 40% off) | Jeans (27, TTS, 25% off) | Similar Heels | Clutch | Earrings

Now let’s chat sales!! Here are a few of my favorite sales from around the web. Loft is having 40% off, Anthropologie is having 20% off, you can save 40% at J.Crew and Abercrombie is having 25% off of their entire site!

Save 40% off at Loft

(See more here.)


Save 20% off at Anthropologie


40% off J.Crew Full Priced Styles

25% off at Abercrombie