This + That

Happy Friday everybody!! As promised here is a house update, a workout update and my go-to summer outfit that you can shop easily right here. But first…. weekend sales!! Pottery Barn has some great furniture on sale. I especially love this coffee table. They also have some great rugs marked down! Gap is having a 40% off sale right now and they have some really cute new arrivals. For example, how cute is this tank? Banana Republic is also running a 40% off sale for regular-priced items. I love this sweater for fall and this dress would be killer for a wedding! Some other sale items I’m loving include this topthese slides, this romper, and this dress.

Casual tee and jeans outfit from style blogger Cristin Cooper of The Southern Style guide

Shop the look:


Yesterday + Today’s Workout

I rarely share fitness advice here on the blog because not only am I 100% not qualified to do so I also think it would be pretty boring and just bring down my vibe. However, I do chat with a lot of you on Instagram about workouts, losing the baby weight, healthy eating and the like. So for all of you that are interested in what a sample workout looks like here is the leg workout I did yesterday! You can look up any of these moves on youtube and see videos on how to do it!

Bike 3 miles on stationery bike
Run 3 miles on treadmill. (this sucks, I don’t recommend it)

3 rounds of the following:
10 good mornings w/ 30lb bar on shoulders
10 squats to side leg lifts w/ 30lb bar on shoulders
10 sumo squats w/ 30lb bar on shoulders
10 curtsy lunges (each leg so a total of 20) w/ 10lb hand weights
10 side lunges each leg w/ 30lb bar on shoulders

And here is the arm workout that I did today and shared on instagram stories. I intended to row for 20 minutes but I overestimated my attention span + shoulder strength. The rower is no joke! No wonder Claire Underwood is so shredded.

Row 10 min
3 rounds of the following:
10 barbell bench press w/ elbows in
10 barbell front raise
10 barbell wide row
10 barbell chest to overhead pres
20 dumbbell alternating bicep curls
10 dumbbell bent over rows
10 dumbbell fly on bench
10 dumbbell pullover on bench
10 tricep dips
30 second plank
*I used a 20lb barbell and 10lb dumbells


House Update

So some news… we sold our house! When I first talked about redoing our master bedroom I mentioned that we are always toying around with the idea of listing our house and building on our land. Well as it turns out we were contacted out of the blue by a family friend who is a realtor. She had a couple who was interested in our house and was wondering if we would consider selling. We signed all of the documents last week and we are officially renters in our own home. Since we weren’t listing our house and wouldn’t have planned to move should something fall through we were able to work it out to rent back from the buyers for a short period. So now we are taking the month to pack up our lives and savor the last few weeks in this house with so many sweet memories. We got engaged in this house, brought home our babies in this house, watched them take their first steps and on and on. I think I’m going to be totally sappy and get Kat to come take photos of us in an effort to document this season of our lives. Is that totally weird or normal?!? I honestly don’t know because I’ve never owned a home to sell so this process is totally new to me!

What isn’t new to us is building. For those of you that don’t know, Zach is a general contractor and while he specializes in commercial construction there is no shortage of knowledge or opinions when it comes to us and construction. We will be breaking ground soon and working on finalizing a house plan and I’ll be sharing updates all along the way. If you want to keep up with the latest just check out my decor section. I’ll probably be blogging frequently as I try to get my thoughts out on paper (or page) and let them marinate to decide what I want to really stick with. I’m seriously all over the place with design inspiration and the thought of picking just one “look” or “style” stresses me the heck out so this should be fun. As for the actual house… that one is 100% on Zach with the burden of my frequent input.