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In today’s This + That I’m answering more of the DMs I get on Instagram as well as talking about the best weekend sales fromAnthropologie,BaubleBar,J.Crew,Revolve,Shopbopand more.

Shop my casual outfit:Shoes (On sale & under $40) | Bag | Top | Necklace | Similar Jacket | Jeans(50% off)

casual outfit
Shoes (On sale & under $40) | Bag | Top | Necklace | Similar Jacket | Jeans(50% off)


Anthropologie – 40% off of sale items
Bauble Bar -Extra 20% off (Up to 80% off)
Free People – And extra 25% off sale
J.Crew -30% Off Sitewide Sale & 50% Off Activewear Styles w/ code YESPLEASE
Loft – 30% off Full-prices styles
Revolve -Up To 50% Summer’s Best Swimwear + Cover-Ups
Shopbop -Summer shoes on sale!
Sole Society -Up To 60% Off Shoes, Bags, Apparel & Accessories


Dip Nails
Dip Nails
Hate them, hate them, hate them. I received about 100 messages over the course of posting about these and there were 5-7 people who love them. Here are the reasons I didn’t like them: A) They took FOREVER to have put on. As in an hour which is basically forever when someone has your hands held hostage. I know that they say they last a super long time which brings me to the next reason. B) After one week (see left image) they started peeling up on the edges and strands of my hair would get stuck in them as I would fix my hair. Couldn’t even deal. I finally had enough and was ready to get them taken off and peeled one (BIG MISTAKE – almost took my nail off), and then I soaked the others and my nails look horrible (see right image). I think they look so bad because she filed my nails with a mechanical file and just really went to town. Maybe some of you that like them had someone manually file your nails down?? Long story short I’ll be sticking to gel nails from now on. 30 minutes for something that only lasts two weeks is better than an hour for something that only looks good for a week.




How do you edit your instagram photos? I use the VSCO app and love A2, A8, A9 & C1. Then I tweak the saturation, brightness and sharpness! VSCO is great because you can compare it to how the other photos that you have previously edited look.


Colleen Rothschild or Tula? This one is hard! I personally use Tula for my skincare regimen of cleanser, toner and serums and then Colleen Rothschild for moisturizing hydrating and treating with masks. You can read this post to see all of the Tula products I love and this one for Colleen Rothschild. Also, this post is a little old (I’m working to redo) but it describes a typical skincare routine for me.


How do you balance working and being a mom?I don’t feel like I do it well most days! Those memes about surviving on coffee, dry shampoo & Jesus totally describe my life. A couple of tricks that I have learned to help me is to prioritize based on necessity and not my wants. My dad used to drill into me as a kid to “do the things you need to do before you do the things you want to do” and it has stuck with me as an adult. I try to put things into buckets of “need to” and “want to”. Want to doesn’t only include watching TV, browsing pinterest or random leisurely activities but I have come to realize that sometimes things I deem as “necessary” really aren’t at all. One practical example is I always want to have a clean house. I want the laundry to always be done and the house to always be picked up because I can’t focus or concentrate if it’s not. #OCD. I’ve learned to put off my desire for order and tackle the things that need to be done first like blog post deadlines, school lunches packed and miscellaneous to-dos with deadlines. After all of that is done then I can tackle all of the cleaning at once instead of spinning my wheels all day long picking up 37 times. I also try to categorize my life into two areas… what can be accomplished with kids and what can’t. Maybe physically or maybe just for the sake of my sanity. For example, I try to clean the kitchen when my girls are eating breakfast or lunch because it’s easy for me to chat with them about their days as I unload or reload the dishwasher. I do laundry when they are watching shows after nap time and try to get them to help. Then when they are at school or napping I focus on all of the things I can’t do with them around including but not limited to working on my blog, organizing, packing for our move, running to 5 stores in 30 minutes because it would take me 300 hours with them, etc. (Whoa that was a long one, sorry!


What is the best primer for eye makeup? I love this one the most! I also use this one by Laura Mercier in color linen.This one is a good drugstore dupe for the Laura Mercier one if you want a cheaper alternative. Read more about my favorite drugstore makeup in this post.


Where is Scottie’s unicorn purse from? I got it at Nordstrom Rack in Greenville but also found here online.


What should I wear to a fall wedding? I just ordered this one to wear to my cousin’s wedding. A few more options would be this one for a dressy wedding, this one for a more casual affair, this one for an outdoor wedding and this one for a nighttime wedding. I’ll work on a full wedding post for next week so if you are attending one let me know the location and time below and I’ll work it into my post!


What is a good dry shampoo for brunettes? I don’t have any firsthand experience but I’ve heard that this one is great as well as this one and this one.


What camera do you use & who takes your photos? This is the camera I have been using and I love it! I also have this camera with this lens and this lens. All of my style posts and party photos are taken by my friend, Katheryn Blythe.


Where can I find items you are wearing or show on your instagram stories? All of my outfit photos are linked All of my instagram photos are linked here: You can also go to this page and sort by category of closet favorites, my favorite makeup, little girls’ clothing and more


What makeup are you wearing? I try to keep this page updated with all of my latest makeup stapes. You can also check out this page for new makeup I’m loving.


Who does your aesthetics? Sweetgrass Plastic Surgery in Charleston, SC. Read all about my lasering + microneedling treatments here.


What would you wear to a day of wine tasting? I would wear a dress or a tunic. If you have a driver make sure your dress is long enough for you to get in and out of a car without exposing yourself. I love the purple dress in this post. This dress is also a great option and I really love this patterned top.