This + That No.2

Welcome to the Friday episode of This + That where I discuss the best weekend sales, what’s been happening in our lives and try to answer a few of the questions I get via DMs.
Weekly Sales
J.Crew Factory – 40% off of new arrivals & 60% off of everything else.
Anthropologie – Extra 30% off sale styles.
Soludos – Up to 60% off! I love these sandals and these shoes.

Weekly Happenings
This week we had a rager forKatheryn’s birthday where we went to dinner with the elderly and then shut down the outlet mall at 9pm. We tried to get some nice folks to take our photo on the street but it was a disaster so we settled for this selfie station in Restoration Hardware.

This was also the week my soon-to-be two year old decided that she wanted to jump off the diving board. And jump she did. And jump, and jump, and jump some more before pausing to mean-mug for the camera before she jumped again.

However, the most vivid memory from this week had to have been my near nervous breakdown in Target. I saw this photo on Scary Mommy and chuckled to myself over how true it was. And by chuckle I mean took a screenshot and texted 17 of my girlfriends. I went to Target on whatseems to be day 987 of having my children for every minute of every day before school starts again and they were both having meltdowns. Because why wouldn’t a toddler have a meltdown in the checkout line at Target? This particular trauma was because they both deeply needed their own bag of chips and were constrained in the buggies, thus not able to reach said chips. I mean what kind of mother am I that to not want them to eat “hot chips”, aka “Doritos”, at 9:42 in the morning? A horrible one if you ask my 3 year old. So she had to have hot chips and the little one had to have 3 bags so that she could smush them all as she decided what color packaging she liked best and therefore, wanted.
Did I mention that I was in line behind a woman using 87 coupons and ringing up no less than 4 different orders? Because I was. And while we’re on the topic of coupons…. if you are going to split up an order into more than 1 order and use more than 1 coupon then you should definitely have to go to customer service if you ask me. I sincerely believe there should be a maximum-coupon rule instituted at every major retailer. I’m not trying to hate on people that like to manage their money well but I definitely think they should have to take their binder full of tiny pieces of paper and go sit in the corner while me and my screaming children get to the car as quickly as possible.
Anyways, we survived. And then on the way home I got hit in the head with a squeeze pouch and had to pull over into a car wash (the only place they will shut up) to pray and enjoy a few sips of coffee in peace.

scary mommy quote

This Week’s Unboxing

Now what you are really here for, all the fun things that happened this week + the answers to the questions I received via social media. If you watched my unboxing stories on instagram then here are the links so many of you asked me about!

Weekly FAQs

Where are your sunglasses from?These are the sunglasses that I love and wear constantly. They come in and out of stock constantly but are currently in stock so you better hurry!

What was the name of the company that sends personalized gift boxes? Shop Box Fox. They are awesome!

Your skin looks great! How many microneedling sessions did you do? Just the one! I go back for the second one next week.

Where is your index finger ring from? Nordstrom. It’s only $35 and I love it!

What color dip nails did you get? SNS Warm at Heart but spoiler alert… I hate it. It took an hour for the appointment, didn’t last any longer than gel nails, started peeling up at the edges and my hair would catch it, AND it destroyed my nails. More on this later.

Where is your phonecase from? Target! Only $19.99!