Digital Marketing Assistant

I’m hiring! To be completely honest with you, interviewing people, hiring people and training people is no fun at all. (For me at least). But not having the time to do the things I want to do is even less fun. For some time now the growth of this site, the amount of posts I can put out and the amount of questions I can answer has been limited by pretty much one thing, and that’s time. I’m a mom and a wife first and a blog editor, feed curator, copy-writer, photographer, contract reader, instagram story teller, email answerer, deadline keeper and linker of all things second. The time has come for me to try to find a right hand woman or essentially, to find a clone of myself to do all the things I really love doing but don’t need to be doing anymore. Confused? Let me explain.

I LOVE knocking out tasks. I love computer work. I REALLY love a to-do list. I am OCD, thrive on organization and honestly few things make me happier than being faced with a daunting task, coming up with a plan of attack, organizing the deliverables and knocking them out one by one. It’s why my sales roundups are sometimes not live right when the sale opens. Because you bet your bottom dollar I’m going through every. single. sale. page to make the best roundup. The problem is that if I’m spending all of my time doing tasks that I could hand off then I am not spending that time creating new posts, recording those tutorials everyone is waiting on or working on new projects that will grow this business.

So I’m looking for someone and I’m going to do my best to describe her in the most brutally honest way I know how in hopes that she will email me ([email protected]) and make herself known.

Who: Someone who wants to be my part-time Digital Marketing Assistant. Ideally someone who isn’t looking for a temporary job or resume builder but rather someone who already has their own thing (be it motherhood, a business, freelance work) and wants to supplement that with another part-time job!

What: Contract work for Offering assistance in all areas of digital marketing, including but not limited to linking, scheduling, making graphics, promoting posts, double-checking, proofreading, updating content and analyzing data.

When: 20-30 hours a week

Where: Anywhere there is a computer & internet.


Must be able to take a bunch of random tasks, voice notes and/or text messages and organize them the way I would if I wasn’t too busy telling Scottie to quit holding the dog by his head.

Must LOVE computer work, to-do lists, tedious tasks, analytics, data, SEO, websites, social media, marketing and dashboards. Ideally you also really like style, beauty, home decor and entertaining.

Must know how to work all things wordpress, instagram, planoly, facebook, pinterest and canva. Or must be able to teach yourself without asking me more than 3 questions. Ok, 5.

Must be someone to take the content, photos and posts I produce and make sure they are executed flawlessly across all of my channels. To be like white on rice when it comes to website excellence including but not yet limited to making sure everything is loading properly, all content is distributed in the proper channels and all widgets are kept up-to-date.

Must be an excellent speller and proofreader. I’m legit the worst. I think faster than my fingers work.

Must be someone who has a great memory and can recall what shirt came from what brand or what shade the lipstick was that I was wearing three days ago so that they can help me respond to people looking for answers.

Must be someone who pays attention to data and takes initiative. For instance, someone that says “wow that dress from that brand drove a ton of traffic, maybe we should do a roundup on dresses exactly like it. Here are five articles, 47 pins for inspiration, and 50 similar styles for you to review. I’ve also noted the ones on sale.” would make my dreams come true. Hypothetically speaking.

Must be someone who catches when items sell out and serves up similar styles for me to link. Who notices when my links don’t work and texts me to fix it. Who tracks sales and deals. Who double checks and triple checks campaign deliverables and deadlines.

Personality is critical!!!

I am looking for someone with a good sense of humor that has great communication skills and is extremely trustworthy. I need someone who can handle direct, efficient communication (both giving and receiving) and doesn’t need hand-holding or micro-managing. Someone who is a self-starter and a go-getter and is not intimidated, scared or otherwise queasy about all of the deliverables outlined above.

If spending 5 straight hours double-teaming Amazon Prime Day until your fingers want to fall off and your eyes are crossing but when it’s over you feel like you totally dominated it & close things out with a high five and virtual chest bump sounds like your idea of a work day well-spent then you’re in.

I will anticipate emails from the 3 of you that actually made it to the bottom of this. Send it to [email protected] & tell me why you will be a good fit.