Surviving the Beach with Kids

Summer is officially coming to a close and you might be gearing up for one last hooray at the beach. If you have toddlers or small children then let me help you out and make your packing list for you! And if you aren’t headed somewhere sunny this weekend then go ahead and pin this post and save it for next year!

We recently went on our first week-long family vacation with both girls and their two cousins. I have taken the girls to the beach by myself before for small trips and we took Hayden last year when I was pregnant but this was the first time in the history of our parenting life that we were playing man on man defense for an entire week. Now you might look at this list and think we are a little over the top and you would be right. We are OCD and proud of it! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to survive. And for us that means packing A LOT for a beach trip.

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The Beach Setup:

  • Umbrella and/or tent. (Don’t forget something to dig down the umbrella or stakes for the tent.)
  • Beach chairs. I really love these
  • Cooler (we love our yeti)
  • Drinks. Charleston is a dry beach so we pack waters, juices for the girls, flavored seltzer water and ice coke diet cokes (I really love these aluminum bottles). Sometimes we will get crafty and pre-make beverages but most of the time they are grab and go.
  • Lots of snack for the cooler. We like bananas because you can eat them sand free and any other kind of fruit, cheese strings and an arsenal of snacks in ziplock bags.
  • Trash bag and napkins / wipes.
  • Towels. I really love turkish towels because they dry quickly and then my ZAGS blanket for sitting on or covering the girls up. Both of these items pack light and don’t hold moisture or sand.
  • Toys in buckets that have holes in them so you can just rinse them under the shower or hose on the way out and be gone!

For Your Kids:

For You:

  • A great swimsuit to rock your mom bod
  • A quality cover-up
  • A hat that won’t fly off in the wind
  • Sandals + sunnies
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin
  • The fruits of the spirit
  • Husband or male suitor to set everything up for you
  • Wine ready and waiting for naptime at the house

Here are some photos of us in action. This is the only picture of the 4 of us that I snapped with me not in my swimsuit. I love you guys but not enough yet to show you photos of me in my swimsuit just yet. At this point Hayden is being contained with snacks, Scottie is still waking up and I have yet to start sweating.

beach photos

Right now all they want to do is have Dad take them in the water or play with them in the sand. I’m not mad about it though because I’m using my 4 minutes of downtime to actually sit down, capture some memories with the camera and indulge in one of these cute mini diet cokes in the aluminum bottles.

beach photos

We decided to try and snap some couple pictures and it went, well, less than perfectly. There are about 50 more that are worse than these but at least their outfits were cute!


I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you prepare for a labor day weekend full of fun in the sun!

(This post is in partnership with Diet Coke. All opinions are my own and I really am obsessed with those mini aluminum bottles. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!)