Kendall Kirk Art

Today’s #TheStylishSouth feature is all about Kendall Kirk Art. Kendall was born and raised in Jackson, MS and currently creates out of her studio on Roswell, GA. After a lifetime of creating she took a leap of faith in 2015 and submitted an application for one of the biggest art festivals in Mississippi, the Double Decker Arts Festival. She made the cut and the rest is history! She has since launched a website, taken countless commissions, done five different shows, created her own studio, and has made being an artist a sustainable career. I absolutely adore her angel prints and recently chatted with her to ask her a little bit more about her art career and life in GA. Read our Q&A below and make sure you check her out on instagram to keep up with upcoming shows and collections!

The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk

What made you decide to choose a career as an artist?

I decided to choose art as my career because I have always loved to paint more than anything else, and I wanted to be successful by using my unique creative  abilities. I believe in waking up and being passionate about what it is you do every day. Not to mention being my own boss has its perks!

What advice would you have for an artist just starting out? What is some of the best advice you were given?

Advice for any artist starting out is take some risks. It was totally against my nature to put my art out there on social media or apply for big shows, but getting out of my comfort zone is exactly why I’m able to do this every day for people. Some of the best advice I was given was take time to identify your style. As an artist, I’m always wanting to try new things and am inspired by so much, but really streamlining and defining your style helps your audience identify with your brand.

The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk


Tell the readers about your artistic process. What inspires you to start a new series?

Right now I’m inspired by certain special things in life like vacations, flower arrangements and weddings to name a few. I also like to make simple things like landscapes pop and turn them into a pieces that are vibrant and interesting. All of my art is inspired by beautiful bright color combinations. Every new series I start I begin by thinking of how I can incorporate interesting color to capture the subject. A goal of mine is to very rarely ever use brown. Oil paints are my favorite to use because of their depth of color. I start by sketching out my picture, then set up my paints, and I use a palette knife to apply and scrape the paint around into a complete piece!


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk

How would you describe your overall design aesthetic?

I would describe my design aesthetic as free spirited, very natural and colorful.


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk


How has your art inspired your decorating style at home?

I always say art can complete a room and be a constant reminder of something you love. My decorating style at home is very natural and cozy with art around to add color. My favorite things around our place are the paintings, pictures and books we’ve collected that keep it personal. I hope to one day have a porch swing bed, a big yard, lots of natural lighting inside, people over for dinner all the time and of course inspiring art on every wall!


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk


Where do you look for inspiration? What do you do when you are in a creative rut?

I like to get out of the house and happen upon inspiration if it’s possible. Traveling helps! I was recently inspired by a trip I took to the beach. I passed by a flower booth at a farmers market a few weekends ago too, and some of my paintings came from that. I take pictures all the time and I’ll go back and scroll through my phone and place inspirational photos under the “possible paintings” folder I’ve created over the past few months. We are lucky to live in a generation with so much visual inspiration from places like Pinterest too! I also go there on days I feel stuck to spark ideas.


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk


If you need an afternoon pick-me-up what do you do?

My favorite afternoon pick me up in this summer heat is iced coffee with hazelnut flavor! I also love frozen yogurt, and I’m guilty of probably adding more sprinkles to the cup than yogurt.


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk


Best moment in your career to date?

The best moment of my career to date was my first live wedding painting. It was a challenge but I loved every minute of it, and the bride and groom were thrilled!


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk

Do you have any big partnerships or projects coming up?

The biggest event on the horizon for me is Mistletoe Marketplace. It is a giant annual four day Christmas market in Jackson, MS with vendors from all over the country. I’m so excited to have been accepted and granted this amazing opportunity! I’m staying super busy thinking up all kinds of projects for that. Last month I installed a painting in Luisa Hammett’s home, author of Peaches to Pearls, and that was also exciting.


The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk

The Stylish South Feature Kendal Kirk

What is your favorite color to paint with?

Definitely sky blue or teal

Favorite jams while painting?

My husband has got me currently hooked on the “Pop Chillout” station on Spotify – highly recommend it!

Favorite instagram accounts to follow?

I love following The Every Girl, Free People, Teil Duncan, Christina Baker, the Pioneer Woman.. All incredible girl boss inspiration just to name a few 😉

What are the restaurants and shops you recommend?

My favorite restaurant is Babalu Tacos and Tapas. Their tableside guacamole and entire menu is so delicious. Plus the cool patio outside is a favorite spot! They always have a fresh margarita special too, and it just doesn’t get much better than chips/guac and a good margarita out on the patio. My husband and I love to go down to the restaurants on Canton Street in Roswell where everyone sits outside, and the atmosphere and food is always great there too.