Friday Favorites No. 5

Here are the Friday Favorites for this week (on a Saturday). This week is dedicated to everything bright and cheery and spring-like to help get us out of this winter funk! Happy Friday(ish).

1. We couldn’t travel the weekend without our beloved Lulie Wallace duffle and now it’s HALF PRICED!!! Hurry, don’t delay, buy it today. This bag is huge, durable and oh-so-cute.

Lulie Wallace Duffle

2. Baby Gap is killing us right now. We need all the baby clothes. And we also need them to be in our size.

3. You should get these cute pots for your spring plants!


4. One day the sun will shine again and we all should be prepared with an excellent pair of sunnies. You can’t go wrong with some classic aviators and we love these from Marc Jacobs. And they are only $98!

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

5. And while we are accessorizing for spring let’s throw in a bright scarf or two.

6. And lastly, kick off your weekend with a great sale! All of the scarfs and the sunglasses are from ShopBop. And right now you can save 15% off your order of $250 or more with code BIGEVENT15. Here are some more items we love if you’re in the shopping mood. 🙂

Happy weekend! 🙂