Favorites, Finds & The Fourth

Happy Hump Day! Hope you all had a great weekend enjoying family, friends & a good 4th of July themed cocktail. I took a couple of days off of blogging partly because we were enjoying some family time at the lake but mostly because the wifi is terrible there. It is seriously a dark hole of dial up internet if you are even lucky enough to have that sort of thing. We take our Mifi but when the cell reception is that terrible it doesn’t help much at all. At one point I made my children take a “nature walk” with me a.k.a come with mommy to the top of the driveway so I can hold my phone outstretched to the heavens and post an instagram photo. By the way you can save 50% off of this skirt with code “hooray” so you might want to hop on that. Before I get to some insanely cute photos of my kids I wanted to share a couple of new favorites & recent finds with you all!

What’s In My Shopping Cart:

I’m constantly shopping for items, trying on items and sending items back so I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I’m ordering. Some (most) of this might not fit me or look cute on me but it might work great for you! Also, am I the only one that just loathes shopping in stores?!? I swear I blew 2 hours yesterday around like a chicken with my head cut off and finding nothing in my size. Thank the good Lord above for the internet, seriously!

Upcoming sales:

This is actually pretty important. I love helping you all shop and I always hope that you buy things because it lets me continue to run this little business of mien. All that to be said I really try to be extremely honest with you guys and would never lead you astray just to make a buck. So this is one of those times where I’m going to contradict all of my shopping posts and tell you to SAVE YOUR MONEY. Why you ask? Well the two biggest sales of the entire year are coming up. I’m not kidding. Black Friday doesn’t hold a candle to these two bad boys. I’ll have more information for you in the coming weeks but for now just circle July 11th & July 13th on your calendar with a huge CHECK THESOUTHERNSTYLEGUIDE.COM AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP memo. You won’t regret it.

Amazon Prime Day is going to be July 11th. Stay tuned for details!
The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is on July 13th and it’s a doozey! I’m talking half off brand new items for fall. Details here.

While we’re boding… here are some new discoveries of mine:

The Vine just launched a fresh delivery flower service. It’s not cheap but I assure you the quality won’t be either.

Ashlee Brooke Designs just launched illustrated prints online. I love this one & this one!

This instagram account all about Trader Joes shopping. Seriously where has this been all of my life?

My friend Lindsey told me about this toothpaste and it is pretty much a miracle product. Zach and I have been drinking our coffee black here lately and I think it’s doing a number on my pearly whites. I asked her about a good toothpaste to use (since she’s my personal beauty guru) and she recommended this one. In just one weekend of using I can tell an extreme difference. Also, I almost typed “I have a noticeably brighter smile” which basically proves I watch too much TV and am a sucker for marketing.

And now what you’re really here for. (Cute pictures of my kids):

Hayden’s Bow | Hayden’s Sunnies | My Sandals

Dresses | Crocs | The best life jackets for Toddlers

Beast mode.

I love this photo because it captured Scottie’s power-walk.

This face!!

Everybody loves the red, white & blue.

Donut float.

Scottie’s Suit | Hayden’s suit is old from Gap

Both of their outfits are from the Gap outlet!

the end.