Frequently Asked Questions

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    “Thoughts on the Billie Razor?”

    Meh. I didn’t like it because it was too slimy and personally I don’t need a new razor as frequently as the subscription offers. I did hear from you guys that this Flamingo razor from Target is a great dupe! I use the Flamingo wax strips so I’m excited to try their razors.


    “What color do you get when you get dip nails?”

    I will typically only get NU-94 unless there are OPI colors, in which case I have a long list of favorites!


    “What are your thoughts on your face steamer?”

    I love it! I typically will stand over my steamer for 3-5 minutes while I’m brushing my teeth or scrolling Instagram. Steaming your face opens up your pores, allowing you to really get all the dirt out. But the real reason I do it is so that my Retin-a & creams can seep in and work harder! It also just feels awesome and is very relaxing! Mine is from Amazon.


    “Where is the link to those unbreakable plates you threw on the floor?”

    Ah, yes. The unbreakable plates. You can find them here!


    “Thoughts on La Mer?”

    I have many. First, I don’t like the smell so that’s a huge turn off for me. Second, I think skincare dollars are better spent on treatments/procedures with a skincare professional (facials, peels, botox, etc). Third, I think the Elemis moisturizer packs a better punch.

    Food + Fitness

    “Thoughts on Peleton?”

    We LOVE our Peleton. I especially love that I can hop on it anytime for a quick 20 minute calorie burner, and Zach loves it because he’s a mountain biker.


    “Where are your couches from?”

    They are from Arhaus and we LOVE THEM.