Cristin Lately No. 4

Happy Friday! How great is this weather?!?! I hope it stays Spring forever because I have the FEVERto get that summer bod going. You know how it is, the weather warms up, you try on your shorts and suddenly you’re all no thanks I’ll just stand here and do some squats and pass the salad why don’t you? Well it has hit me big time. I just ordered some new running shoes and officially signed up to do a sprint triathlon. I will be following a 12 week training plan starting on Monday so wish me luck! Another thing fueling the get in shape fire are all of these cute spring & summer items I found. I really must have this romper! Does anyone else love it as much as I do? If you are looking to freshen up your spring wardrobe checkout this post, this one or this one. Also,J.Crew Factory is having a pretty good sale this weekend. I love this oxford dress, this scalloped dressand I really love this ruffle hem tee. This popover shirt is a great classic to keep in your closet. It would look great with white denim or jean shorts.

Anybody have great plans for the weekend?I will be making sure my kids are 100% over any flu-related illnesses+ catching up on all of the life / blog work I missed last week. I’m going to try my hand at editing my first ever video tutorial as well. If you could do me a huge favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel that will help me make it official for when the video goes live. I can’t create a personalized URLuntil I have a certain number of subscribers and it’s is really just annoying me! Thanks!!

Before I get cranked up making more memories here is a little look back and what I’ve been up to lately! I took a little trip down to my beloved Charleston, SCand had to make a stop by Sugar Bakeshop. I actually was doing a little cleanse when I went so I saved the cupcake for 4 days so that I could eat it once the cleanse was over. (Insert monkey covering their eyes out of embarrassment emoji here.)

This was pre-Valentine’s day so of course I had to stop in at Mac & Murphy and buy some cards, notebooks, pens and trinkets. I just love Mac & Murphy the most! Also, fun fact, when I lived in Charleston I lived off of Spring St. which is one street over from Cannon street. Well if you know anything about Charleston circa 2008 and Charleston today you know that the area is vastly different. I called my roommate while I was down and said we should have held on to the condo for sure because it would be the ultimate Airbnb these days. Oh well, you live you learn.

(Not our house for the record. Just a beautiful one that I need to own.)

I always love this view! Broad Street is one of my favorite streets to drive down. Also if you are looking for a good walking street my favorites are Queen Street & Tradd Street.

I also recently threw a baby shower for one of my friend’s from college. These beauties were made by my friend Suzie who owns Statice Flowers.

I also am particularly proud of myself because I drove this beauty of a cake 3 hours and then transported it to it’s stand completely intact. I also made that cake topper myself out of some flowers I bought + camellia from the yard. I’ll be sharing the whole party soon but for now you can browse some of my other entertaining posts here.

We ate at the new(ish) sushi spot in town, Otto Izakaya, and I don’t like to be negative on here but I wasn’t totally impressed. I’m chalking it up to a bad night though and we are going to try it again soon. I just can’t seem to not go to Tako-Sushi when I want sushi which is always.

Hayden found my not-made-for-lips-and-way-to0-expensive-to-play-with concealer and went to town. At least her application was on point if it was lipstick.

I went to Sea Island for a conference and it was a dream. I’ll be dishing all about it next week on the blog!

Sunglasses | Blazer | Top | Jeans | Bag | Watch | Necklace

Sierra Nevada Asheville NC

Sierra Nevada Asheville, NC

When I got back from the conference we took the girls to Sierra Nevada and had lunch with friends. If you are ever in the Asheville area you need to check it out, especially on a pretty day.