Beauty Tutorials

Let’s all just pause a second to be thankful we are living in the youtube generation where we can get help for our bad hair days and uneven skinallthe livelong day.Maybe one of these days we will muster up the courage to createour own tutorials but for now we’re just going to direct you to the brave souls we love following!

Here is our favorite tutorial for how to do a dutch braid from Twist Me Pretty. It’s quick & easy to follow!

Soft Dutch Braid

We love Maskcara for her step-by-step tutorials and insights into all the drugstore beauty products. Here is a great tutorial for natural makeup.


Another great hairstyle isthis twisted crown tutorial from Twist Me Pretty. You can watch the video here.


If you want to learn how to highlight and contour we love this video from Maskcara.


And here is a great loose curl tutorial from Amber Fillerup. We think you can achieve the same look with a 1.25″ curling iron (that’s what we use) but who are we to argue with the Barefoot Blonde?!?

Loose curl tutorial